What’s new in Automic V24?

Automic Automation version 24 was released in mid-February. This version comes with some interesting new features. This video is the first in a series of “What’s New in V24” videos. In this video, Marcin will explain the changes in V24 at a high level.

This video is part of a learning path, a series of content centred around the new Automic version 24. It includes theoretical knowledge, interactive videos and practical labs. The learning path is logically structured and is designed for both beginners and Automic professionals.

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More Information

More information about Automic V24

Discover PEM Automic, the most interactive Automic learning platform! This video serves as an example to show how useful and educational our content is. There is countless other interesting Automic-related content on PEM Automic. We have already uploaded some content for the new Automic V24 and have more content planned for the upcoming months.

Learn Automic with PEM

On PEM, there are not only interactive learning paths based on the Automic roles, but also exciting tutorials and courses as well as useful tools that users can integrate into their Automic system. We also offer labs to allow users to practice what they have learnt. The labs are Automic environments that are provided in minutes and contain interesting exercises.

If you would like to deepen your Automic knowledge, we recommend a member account on PEM. Are you interested? Then be sure to check out PEM!

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